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The Westover Parent Teacher Organization is a non-profit group of parents, guardians and teachers dedicated to ENRICHING the educational and social experience of our students and their families by RAISING FUNDS to support academic learning and community-building and by COORDINATING programs, events, communication and complementary services for the Westover community.  By having a child at Westover, you are automatically a PTO member!

Some example of activities sponsored by the PTO during a normal school year:

Field trips

Staff appreciation week

Family nights (Pizza, Game Show, Bingo, Skate and Movie Nights)

Scholastic Magazines

Playground supplies

Learning to Look (4th and 5th grades)

Showcase (4th and 5th grades)

To keep up with the Westover PTO news, you can sign up to receive our weekly e-newsletter filled with announcements and upcoming events - please follow us on Social Media too.  It is the best way to stay informed about upcoming school events and fundraisers that go on throughout the year.


Thank you!

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